Alibaba Group has developed leading businesses in consumer e-commerce, online payment, business-to-business marketplaces and cloud computing.

BioRegen BioMedical (Changzhou) Co. Ltd.. is a sino-foreign joint venture company, established via Jiangsu Top Innovation Talents Program.

China PnR Holdings Limited is the first corporation approved by the CSRC to carry out online payment and settlement for the sale of funds, and an entity at the vice director level of the Committee of Online Payment of the Payment and Clearing Association of China.

Coinage is the leading financial training service provider in China. The Company principally provides wealth management related certification training services to executives in financial institutions.

Innovent Biologics is a leading biopharmaceutical company in China. Innovent brings highly complex drugs to the Chinese populace by manufacturing these drugs safely in accordance with the same highest standards which embraced by all large multinational corporations with sales in the US and Europe.



About Fidelity Growth Partners Asia

Fidelity Growth Partners Asia (previously named "Fidelity Asia Ventures") is the venture capital and private equity arm of Fidelity focused on investing in Greater China. We help companies accelerate growth by providing them with Fidelity's proprietary capital, expertise and access to global resource.